The L.A. Complex - Season 1, Episode 1:

"You know they cast that other doctor part?"

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FYI, The LA Complex is on Netflix.

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insecurediva asked: everytime that I realize there is no third season I want to cry because this show was really amazing. it was relatable to an extent and it was just perfect.

I KNOOOOWWWW :( me too, me too…at least we got two great seasons while it lasted though. sigh.

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Netflix Recommendation: L.A. Complex

What the show is about: The L.A. Complex follows the lives of a group of twenty year old’s living…

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aahhhh sorry I haven’t been posting much lately guys!!! my laptop broke a while back and because of that I haven’t been able to make gifs/edits, and usually there’s nothing to reblog, so… :(

but yeah I didn’t want any of you to think I’d abandoned this tumblr!! I’m still here!!

omg btw The LA Complex is streaming on Netflix. brb wtf




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